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Celebrating the days before

Soccer Moms & World’s Greatest Dads, when

Women were Dames, Men were Men,

and Scotch & Cigarettes Ruled the Earth.

Providing the Best Vintage & Archival Film, Photos & research Services.

...Along with retro & Vintage Duds, Original hair Accessories & jewelry, Kitsch & Lotsa Other Useless Yet Enjoyable Crap.

Come Visit, or Contact Uncle Fezter & Aunt Kitty! & [email protected]

If you’ve seen TV or movies, you’ve seen our work. With more than ten years’ professional experience, and with the able-bodied (and then some!) assistance of Aunt Kitty, we’ve done research and provided film, photos and materials for every major network in the U.S. & overseas, plus cable stations, the occasional Hollywood movie, music video, and documentary, and have worked on more than a few award-winning and award-nominated productions. If you’re looking for something special and need the help of a trained and experienced historian, a couple who love the work and the ‘hunt’, and well, a dork (who better?), than look no further.

Please contact us for rates & other info, and for any questions you may have.


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